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Current Projects


SynVirus™ A SynVirus™ is a synthetic viral-mimic created by DNA origami methodology. These virus-sized nanoparticles emulate many of the features of biological virus with some very important exceptions. First, a SynVirus cannot replicate. It is produced in a laboratory setting and can be scaled to vast quantities at low cost. Second, a SynVirus is a carefully sculpted piece of DNA nanotechnology that can be modified and nuanced to elicit precisely the desired immune response to create a protective arsenal of immunological proteins (antibodies) and cellular components. This is a brand new, exciting but untested paradigm for production of vaccines for which Creodyne is seeking partnerships and funding


CamoNano™ CamoNano is a novel approach to targeted delivery of gene-editing molecular machinery to cells in living systems using self-assembling “camouflaged” DNA nanoparticles. The central idea of this proposal is to leverage the technology of DNA origami (Rothemund, P. (2006) Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns. Nature. 440, 297-302) to fold and mask gene-editing systems (e.g., CRISPR/Cas9) to create virus-sized nanoparticles that are biocompatible, cost-effective, and capable of delivering the gene editor cassettes to specific cells in vivo. The grand vision is to create a platform technology for site specifically editing of virtually any genetic locus in vivo and thereby treat or cure a variety of genetic diseases.


Morloc is a novel and powerful strategy for building code libraries and applications. Morloc facilitates the integration of functions from multiple programming languages into a single coherent workflow. The Morloc interface will allow human programmers and emergent AIs to access multi-language code libraries, choose the best functions from any language, and snap them together to create entirely new Morloc programs. The community portal at Morloc.IO will provide a creative hub for programmers from diverse backgrounds to exchange functions and collaborate on multilingual libraries and programs. It will allow businesses to create secure and valuable workflows with open or fee-based access to these libraries.