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Creodyne is a Creative Business, Product, and Technology Nucleator. Our highly flexible business model is to spawn new companies, joint ventures, or other partnerships individually funded and focused on the commercialization of each of the available Company Ventures. Interested parties are invited to contact us here.

As counterintuitive and politically incorrect as it seems, it's not about money.

It's about creative problem solving and rapid solution deployment.

Any money we make goes back to work helping others.

We believe that it is that simple.



Creodyne R&D Progress and News

November 22, 2017. Creodyne files full patent application on CamoNano©, a self-assembling "smart" nanobot for targeted gene-editing in living systems. The patent claims priority of a provisional patent application filed in November 2016.

February 9, 2017. Creodyne spins out Nanodyne, a new subdivision focused on R&D and commercialization of the Company's OPTIMuS™ and CamoNano™ DNA nanobots for the medical health industry. Nanodyne is here.

Januray 15, 2017. Creodyne's ElecitriciTree™ project on biomimetic wind energy generate broad worldwide interest. Article here. Press release here.

Janurary 2017. Creodyne announces the release of it's next generation surface conditioner, The Mo'Zonator. This corona discharge device works faster than competing UV/Ozone generators without the limitations, and health risk of a mercury vapor UL lamp. A side by side comparison is here. Buy your Mo'Zonator now for just $500 - click here.


Eric Henderson, Ph.D., Founder

Creodyne was founded in 2009 by Dr. Eric Henderson a 30-year veteran of academia and the biotechnology industry (CV here). His vision for Creodyne is to creatively solve problems and produce technologies and products that benefit humanity. The underlying operating principle is to improve the quality of life and create a sustainable revenue engine, putting profits back to work expanding the Company's output. For more about Eric click here.

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