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Current Creodyne Projects


Guitar Pickup Rapid Swap System

Personal Molecular Printer

3D Printed Laboratory Instrument

OPTIMuS™ [article]

Autonomous Nanobot for Diagnostics

The Coronator™

Surface Conditioning Technology

Surfinator™ Mini

Surface Decontamination UV/Ozone

Top Secret

Still incubating...


As counterintuitive and politically incorrect as it seems, it's not about money.

It's about creative problem solving and rapid solution deployment.

Any money we make goes back to work helping others.

We believe that it is that simple.



Eric Henderson, Ph.D.

Eric is a 30-year veteran of academia and the biotechnology industry (CV here). He created Creodyne to circumvent the pitfalls of conventional approaches to creating products that benefit humanity. The underlying operating principle is to improve the quality of life and create a sustainable revenue engine, putting profits back to work and eschewing the conventional metric of success of accumulation of wealth. Eric grew up in Los Angeles, was pin-balled from a trajectory as a mechanic or factory worker into a career in science. He lived in Berkeley, CA for three years before moving to the Midwest. Family, music, writing, exercise, ideas, inventing, progress, compassion and perpetual existential meanderings constitute some of the primary fractals of his life. He wants to hear about your ideas and plans for progressive R&D and business activities that will make the world a better place for all life forms. He is also always looking for funk/R&B/groove/alternative musicians of high caliber for goal oriented projects : ). For more about Eric spank this link.


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